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  1. Save water technology
  2. KENT Pride Plus is the first water purifier in India that comes with an in-tank UV disinfection feature. This unique process keeps stored purified water in tank safe for consumption.
  3. Smart design
  4. Single water purification technology
  5. Computer control operation
  6. High Storage and purification capacity
  7. World top quality certification
  8. World best Sediment+TDS+UF+RO technology
  9. 6 stage water purification system
  10. Filter cartridges,, Sediment ,Carbon block filter, UF, Post carbon, TDS,
  11. Purification capacity up to 15 LPH
  12. Body materials ABS food guard plastic
  13. Dimension (mm) 380 (L) x 270 (W) x 505 (H)
  14. Storage capacity 8L
  15. Weight 7.5Kg
  16. Maximum Duty Cycle 75 LPD
  17. Power Consumption 60 W
  18. Booster pump voltage 24 V-DC
  19. 1 Year service warranty
  20. Warranty card
  21. Gide book


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